For Health Professionals ​​

For Health Professionals

People enrolled in the Health2Work program will receive a comprehensive assessment, including history and a physical assessment, diagnosis, treatment and self-management preventative strategies in relation to their musculoskeletal (MSK) condition.

They will receive access to chiropractic care, which may include a combination of patient education,  therapeutic exercise, recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle modifications, rehabilitative care, spinal manipulation and soft tissue therapy. The care provided to Health2Work participants is entirely non-pharmacological. 

With consent from the patient, the chiropractor will share the assessment and management plan with those in the individual’s circle of care, including their primary care provider and case worker and welcome opportunities for ongoing communication and collaboration.

Want to refer your patients to Health2Work?

Ontario Works caseworkers, employment facilitators and community agency partners can use the Referral/Consent Forms to start the referral process. Primary care providers can use the Primary Care Provider Referral Form.

Health care providers, local health agencies and social services within Waterloo Region that are interested in discussing potential partnerships and referral pathways are invited to contact:

For Primary Care Providers:

Referral Form

For Caseworkers, Employment Facilitators and Community Agencies:

Referral/Consent Form

 For Health2Work Chiropractors:

Referral/Consent Form

Intake Form 

Assessment/Re-assessment/Discharge Form

Report of Findings Form

What types of patients can I refer to the program?

If your patient has a MSK condition and is receiving Ontario Works or is a non-disabled family member of a person receiving support from Ontario Disability Support Program, you can refer them to the program. Please use this referral form, which also indicates who to send the form to in order to complete the referral.

Where in Waterloo Region is this program available?

We are rolling out the program throughout the Waterloo Region in several phases. As of December 2018, the program is available in Cambridge. The program is expected to expand to Kitchener and North Dumfries in November 2019. By September 2020, it is anticipated that the program will be available throughout the Waterloo Region.  

Who will assess my referred patients?

Your patient will receive an assessment from a chiropractor. During an assessment the chiropractor will ask about health history, chief complaints, functioning and complete a physical examination. With patient consent, the results of the assessment and the treatment plan will be sent back to the patient’s primary care provider to ensure a collaborative circle of care. 

Will the chiropractors follow up with my patients?

Yes. After the initial assessment, the chiropractor will develop a treatment plan with your patient, with up to ten follow up visits depending on their condition. There will also be a formal discharge after treatment is completed.

Will my patients be referred to specialists other than chiropractors?

Chiropractors are trained to refer to other health care professionals for assessment and treatment of conditions outside of their scope of practice and when interdisciplinary care would benefit the patient.